Sustainable Industry Lab is a conference where business representatives, business support organizations and central administration will meet to discuss the most relevant global and regional challenges related to climate, environmental, social and economic transformation. The conference directly refers to the resolutions adopted by the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA).

SILab’24 addresses the topic raised in the emerging UN Plastic Treaty, which is an international agreement regulating the use of plastics in order to avoid environmental pollution by plastic and minimize its negative impact on the environment and human health at the stages of production, transport and use.

The conference consists of a series of interactive discussions within:

  • a labyrinth of challenges, solutions, regulations
  • a laboratory: round tables for different industry sectors.

In both parts, we will look for the most urgent solutions in the legislative, technological, consumer areas with special attention to ESG reporting, especially in the context of relations throughout the value chain.

Copernicus Science Centre
20 Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, Warsaw

About the conference

Sustanability Industry Lab (SILab) is a project integrating science, business and administration to scale up innovative solutions for sustainable and equitable development, which occurs in harmony with the capabilities of the natural world. SILab events are consistent with the program assumptions of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).


UNEP/GRID-Warsaw is an organisation established in Poland by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 1991, under an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Poland. Implements the mission of UNEP by initiating partnerships and supporting Polish and international partners in sustainable development and climate protection.


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